good discussion on power cords

... That's not a discussion at all, let alone a good one. Indoctrination, maybe. Rationalization for not spending money, probably ...
Audioholics posted a clue suggesting that right below the video:
"Always remember the mantra 'only poorly designed cables can be sonically distinguishable' and you will never make a bad purchasing decision. Once all of the nonsensical claims are peeled away ..."

So they created a self-fulfilling prophesy. Or, they are the victim of "expectation bias." It's pretty obvious.
SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!     How dare you ACTUALLY TRY to discern whether cables could make an AUDIBLE DIFFERENCE, by trusting YOUR OWN SENSES?      This thread should IMMEDIATELY be deleted/censored!                 Anyone that agrees, MUST be ostracized/culturally cancelled/black-balled for failing to depend solely on the: I-can’t-HEAR-it, I-haven’t-actually-TRIED-it....BUT, no-way-it-can-work-if-I-don’t-BELIEVE-it, you-can’t-PROVE-it-works, naysayer mantras.       (snort of derision)
what a discussion, everything was clear and there was no neeed for 11min video, 3 min should be enough,
the least interesting thing to talk about, it's a lot of heresy, problem is the UL certification, speaks from experience 
what's next to debunk? 

Is it Thanksgiving as this dude is a real jive turkey.