good discussion on power cords

Had a party at my place one time. Half a dozen audiophiles, half a dozen Porschephiles, another half a dozen friends from work. One of the audiophiles was Shunyata CEO Caelin Gabriel.  

Caelin brought along a few of his newest power cords.With everyone gathered in the listening room we played some music. After a while Caelin pulled out one of his power cords. We plugged it in. We did not play the same boring track over and over again. We just keep playing music. Only now with a different power cord. 

This was back in the early 1990's. The idea that something as seemingly irrelevant as a power cord could have any effect on the sound at all was ludicrous, unimaginable. Even if there was some difference, how could you hear it? Everyone's eyes went wide as they realized there really is a difference, one is clearly obviously better than another, and its not at all hard to hear. 

Again, this was 1990. Hard to imagine how bone head ignorant, stubborn, and (apparently) deaf a guy would have to be to make a video like this today. As obvious as it was then, that was nearly 30 years ago. Cables today are vastly superior to back then.  

But did you notice? The video pretends to be a "discussion" but then immediately the first thing he says is power cords do not make any difference.  

That's not a discussion at all, let alone a good one. Indoctrination, maybe. Rationalization for not spending money, probably. But a good discussion? No way.
... That's not a discussion at all, let alone a good one. Indoctrination, maybe. Rationalization for not spending money, probably ...
Audioholics posted a clue suggesting that right below the video:
"Always remember the mantra 'only poorly designed cables can be sonically distinguishable' and you will never make a bad purchasing decision. Once all of the nonsensical claims are peeled away ..."

So they created a self-fulfilling prophesy. Or, they are the victim of "expectation bias." It's pretty obvious.
SHAME! SHAME! SHAME!     How dare you ACTUALLY TRY to discern whether cables could make an AUDIBLE DIFFERENCE, by trusting YOUR OWN SENSES?      This thread should IMMEDIATELY be deleted/censored!                 Anyone that agrees, MUST be ostracized/culturally cancelled/black-balled for failing to depend solely on the: I-can’t-HEAR-it, I-haven’t-actually-TRIED-it....BUT, no-way-it-can-work-if-I-don’t-BELIEVE-it, you-can’t-PROVE-it-works, naysayer mantras.       (snort of derision)