Good digital cable suggestions

I just purchased a DAC which has significantly improved upon my OPPO 981. I wired it with an inexpensive ($12)AudioQuest cable that sounds good but I'm wondering if there are digital cables that would be a significant improvement over the AQ yet not require me to spend more than about $75.00.

Thanks for any suggestions.
Sorry, you get what you paid for.
Apogee Wyde Eye is very good for the price.

Whatever cable you wind up with, make sure it is 1.5 metres long. This will make sure that reflections within the cable don't mess up the DAC's timing.
Wireworld Starlight 5 Digital Cable
Canare Digiflex Gold (some now for sale on Audiogon) gives you true 75-ohm connection and is well-built for low price. Whether it will represent an improvement over your current cable, I don't know.

An almost certain improvement, but beyond your $75 limit, is Kimber Illuminati D-60, which shows up used on Audiogon occasionally. But what's the rest of your system like? Is it capable of revealing the difference that the Kimber might make?

I'd also recommend the Stereovox.
check with Quest for Sound - A'gon guild member what prices they have on IXOS - bought a Goldat intro pricing , verynice cable - PS I am not affiliated with them
I have in the past used the wireworld starlight its a very good digital cable for the money. Also another cable that i have used & liked over the years is the Ensemble Digiflex Robert at the cable company has them in his used section but they are actually new stock