Good Digital cable RCA , suggestion

Looking for a good digital cable, nothing with silver. Any suggestion.

75 or 110 ohm?
I just ordered a lessloss digital cable for my dac-1 and cdp.
I don't know what she's like but,I replaced one of my Anaconda helixes VX with a lessloss power cable on the weekend.All I can say is I'll be changing all my shunyatas out.I hope their digital does the same as what the power cable has so far.Hope that helps,Don
It would have to be a 75 ohm and my budget is up to 1500$.

I was thinking to get a LessLoss digital cable. I already use the LessLoss AC cord ( 7 of them in my system).

Those power cord are great.
$1500 for a digital cable???

I have the ultimate digital cable for sale.
Virtual Dynamics REVELATION Series R, 1 Meter XLR cable.
List = $3500, Sell = $975.
It is without doubt the finest digital cable I have ever heard!

Any suggestion?
Check out the Stereovox digital cables!Great performance and you will save a lot of money!!
Sure, I'll make a suggestion - 6 ft, 75 ohm for $3.41 from Monoprice. Unless, of course, you really hate your money bad enough to spend $1500 for a digital cable. I know a lot of people on this forum would like everyone to believe that a $1000 DIGITAL cable will make a huge sonic improvement in your system. All I'm saying is - it just isn't so...

But hey, it's your money. These high-end cable companies need people to continue funding their snake oil R&D departments.

No harm intended.

The Apogee Wyde Eye is a very good digital cable that you should be able to get for about $60. The Stereovox XV2 is also an excellent cable (I own them both), but it is a little leaner sounding and your desire to avoid silver makes me think the Apogee's slightly fuller presentation might be preferable. For 60 bucks I think the Wyde Eye is a great place to start, then you can have fun comparing it to much more expensive cables to see if they really offer something truly better or just different. If it's the latter, you'll have a lot of $$$ left over for music or other upgrades to your system.

Best of luck.
Drummermitchell, don't you mean Lessloss replaced your Python power cord and not Anaconda? On 3-29-08 you only mention having Pythons.
Acoustic Zen MC2...Save yourself around $1350
I have both Anaconda VX Helix 15a and Anaconda helix alpha 15a,plus 15a and 20a python helixes.Lessloss will be replacing them all, as I've sold the vx and two of the pythons(6 to go).
The Lessloss Digital I ordered is a 2 meter 500.00 U.S
After trying nearly all the biggies, Stealth Sextet took the prize. Many here would agree. AZ MC2 is not bad, but not in same league as Stealth.

Drummermitchell, I must have missed your sale on the Shunyata's. You must have sold them a while ago. They do sell pretty quick though. Let me know when you are selling your others if you can.