Good DACs have known benefits, But what About Streamers

Hello Folks,

The benefits of quality DACs are well know to our ears and our rationale thinking. Many of us have solid evidence of this. I am currently in between DACs and  reverted back to using a SONOS Connect for my DAC on my system and the decline in fidelity from my Auralic is dramatic. As one person but it, it isn’t a fair fight.

But with the upgrades that I am doing to my system, the McIntosh PreAmp will have a wonderful DAC in it. But I still need a streamer. What I am wondering is if there is a substantial difference between streamer technology and will I be able to notice the difference between different DAC/Streamers when the DAC is by-passed. Will I, or would you, be able to notice the difference between a Auralic, Pro-Ject, BlueSound, Sonore or any other piece of equipment?

Thanks in advance for your constructive thoughts.

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Frankly I cannot definitively identify much if any real difference in the streamers I use whereas I can with most everything else even ICs and power cords in some cases. No two DAC configurations seem to ever sound the same for sure.  However streamer connection type often does matter, especially if older lesser quality wireless connections are used.
After years using a Mac mini (Amarra/Audirvana/HQPlayer) and/or Bluesound Node 2 I moved to a Sonore microRendu. I'm using Asset UPnP and mconnect. The increase in fidelity is significant .. jaw-dropping in fact. I have no experience with higher-end streamers like Aurender so I can't say how the microRendu compares.