good DAC under $1000

I have never used a DAC before. I always had CD players. I am looking for a DAC to run the optical output from a Blue Ray player and USB from my computer to. Any suggestions for a decent DAC in this price range?
As you'd like a unit that does double duty- toslink and USB- you might want to pick up a Peachtree Nova used. I've owned a lot of Dacs, and that unit offers outstanding performance for the asking price in the used market. The Cambridge DacMagic is also great on optical, but less so via USB. An easy go to based on reputation- I haven't owned it- is a Benchmark unit used for under a grand as well. Other guys will pitch in with things I overlooked I'm sure!
MHDT Labs Havana.
I second the Havana or even the MHDT Paradisea + is pretty darn great too.
Steve over at Decware just released his new DAC, check it out on his website.
Anyone heard a TAD dac? How would it compare to those mentioned?
Paul has his new Tdac on sale right now for $900.00 and is supposed to be better than his previous Tadac. I know I'll be getting one soon.
I have the older 2009(?) version of the TADAC, paired with an Empirical Audio Turbo 3 USB Converter and the DAC has a pair of mullard 12au7's in it along with a Python Helix power cord.

That said, it beat out the MHDT Havana I also owned simply due to the built in preamp (crucial). Otherwise the Havana appeared close in comparison. Would be nice if the Havana had a built in preamp as well.

The TADAC also bested a Red Wine Audio Isabellina I owned for a time (and I'd like to thank Vinnie at Red Wine for his incredible customer of the best I'd dealt with). The Isabellina was really nice, but a different animal with it's solid state design and battery power supply.

Opinions and tastes always vary, but the TADAC is the best I've owned so far, and not near the most expensive. Key thing though is feed it a low jitter clean digital input and throw away the cheapo chinese tubes. Tube rolling has a big impact on the sound of this particular unit.

Not sure why he went away from the 2009 design instead of trying to better it. The new version looks cheap/stripped down in comparison.
I came across the Valab DAC and for the price it is worth a try. It has the inputs I need and if it is not for me I am not out a lot of cash. Thanks for all your comments.
I just got a Tdac and all I can say is that you owe it to yourself to try it. It is that good. I had a Benchmark and sold it for the original TADAC.
The Benchmark is very detailed and accurate, but is a little dry and sterile. The TADAC is all that the Benchmark is, but adds life to the music.I recently tried the TDAC and it is like a high definition version of the original TADAC. It is more detailed and has a better soundstage. The dynamics have improved as well. Everything sounds more real.
I am very happy with this purchase.
I have the TADAC version with tubiness and volume controls with Tele smoothplates (also have tried french mazdas). The controls make the unit sound very different depending on your tastes. There is a delicate balance between the two controls to maximize the sound. Wondering where other users have positioned the levels?