good DAC , recommend plz and your reason?

I am in the process of looking for a good DAC for using with PC. In my past experience, I had a chance to listen to Lavry DA10, BenchMark DAC1, Grace m902, and the best of them Audio Aero prima DAC.
Therefore, right now I want something which is better than the Prima. I like an DAC which can make digital music become so so RRREAL and have romatic sounds.

Can you also tell me your reason why you love and choose it?

If you recommend me something so expensive(10k??? Uh Uh > <), then I think I have to look for the used one. In that case, can you also tell me a good fair price for a used one

RWA Isabellina usb, non-oversampling, non-upsampling nos DAC ($2500 new - 30 days money back garanty).
Why - because it sounds like vinyl.
I have heard quite a few DACs in my life (some were almost X3 the price of RWA DAC) and this one is the one I can live with and never look back.
Digital glare, edginess and jitter is the plague that makes people rediscover Vinyl and rebuild the analog rig to enjoy the music to the fullest. This DAC will do the same.
It was voiced to resamble the best qualities of the analog reproduction and I believe it does just that.
I own RWA Isabella preamp with Isabellina DAC option and it is the match made in heaven.

You might want to look at Bryston's new BDA-1
Haven't listened to her yet $1995.00
Lots of inputs also,separate power transformers for digital and analog,Worth a look

I'd check out and talk with Larry Moore of Ultra Fi regarding his iRoc USB DAC.

The iRoc is very reasonably priced and Larry has one up for auction (a promotion) on Audiogon right now. He also has a very generous (imho) return policy.

I really like the results of the iRoc DACs I own, both on tube and ss.

iRocs have been used by other mfgrs at CES to promote other products.

I don't think you will be disappointed, especially if you use a MacMini with high quality USB cables (synergistic research or ridge street audio) and ICs from the DAC to your preamp.

:) listening,


I've heard won't like it....I initially (during CES 2008) thought that it might be worth looking is not. If pushed againts the wall, Benchmark is a better value and sounds on par or better.
I know at least one owner who owned iRoc usb and switched to Isabellina DAC. Just my 2c.
thanks for all your replying, everyone
after searching some for sale posts on the DAC section. I am curious about the Blue circle BC501ob or Theta gen viii dac/pre amp will be better than the audio prima DAC MKII SE or not . Are the for sale reasonable?

like Mrjstark, I own the RWA Isabella with Isabellina dac and I agree - it sounds the least "digital" and just sounds real and effortless and much more like vinyl. sorry I am not the best at describing how audio equipment makes me feel. I saw this post on the RWA forum and this guy describes it spot on in my opionin:

for the price and because of the 30-day trial period, it is worth auditioning for yourself. It might seduce you like it has done for me!

any wavelength dac--they are expensive, will be suitable for your purpose. look for non over sampling 16 or 20 bit tube dacs. there are many from years past. unfortunately, the older ones would need to be fitted for a usb interface.
Audiosector ($300-$400) and Altmann ($1500) make superb DAC's. Owned both and enjoyed each immensely.
You won't see them listed every day or month for that matter, but a Boulder Cable modified Art DI/O can probably be had these days for $600 or less, and frankly, compared head to head, the Benchmark isn't in the same league...ooops, never mind, you need a USB input...
just to make it clear that I don't really need a USB DAC. And I want to buy something which is on the higher level of audio aero prima MKII SE DAC

Makes no difference ????.........I thought it did.

Anyway, good luck.