Good DAC for playing computer files/streaming *and* SACD discs with transport?

Let's say I wanted to play my computer files and streaming from a good DAC and also wanted to play my SACD discs through this DAC.
What would be a good DAC to handle this and native DSD (from physical SACDs).
What would be a good transport?
Maybe Oppo 105 will work for you. 
Oppo UDP-203 + Bryston BDA-3 will do for your requirement.
DACs that can receive native DSD from SACD are not common.  I use a Bryston BDA-3 and an Oppo 105 as a transport.  I could stream from the Oppo but I use Bluesound.
  NAD makes a DAC that can accept HDMI.  There are some DACs that have an I2S input, which I don't quite understand, but seems to be part of the HDMI stream.  You need a transport that will send the same stream.  PS Audio is the main manufacturer here
What is your budget for DAC plus transport?