Good DAC for multiple sources

I'm planning on expanding the capability of my apartment mid-fi setup, and wish to pick up a DAC that can *conveniently* accommodate several sources. By "conveniently" I mean a knob (like Aragon's DAC), remote cotrol, or auto-switching (like MSB's LinkDac). The sources I have in mind are an HD cable box and an upscaling DVD player, although I may later add a digital media server to stream digital audio from my home network. My amp is an NAD C320BEE.

I'm hoping someone can identify a few budget models that will do the job well.

One question I have: some models appear to have auto switching (i.e. MSB). Would this require me to be careful about which components (i.e. the cable box) are powered on?

I suppose I could also look at a separate switching unit, but am loathe to add yet another box.

Many thanks.

I run my digital cable box and a really cheap DVD into my Wadia 830 (modified by Great Northern Sound) using the Wadia’s digital input. I wouldn’t consider it mid-fi at all… nor was it cheap but it ROCKS. I’ve A/B a few other players including cheap SACD players and nothing comes close. Forget about upsampling, but in truth you don’t need it.

Everything is controlled through the Wadia remote.

On a budget I might suggest the Audio Aero Prima. I have the big borther version, The Capitole which I use to...

1. Play CDs.

2. Access Satellite via Toslink

3. Play my DVDs via coax

4.Access my computer and streming audio (slimdevices Transporter) with AES/EBU.

Oh, I think the Prima has these inputs, I am not positive...

One-stop DAC with volume control.
Try looking into Cambridge Audio's 740C and 840C CD players, which not only have good DACs but also have inputs for TWO different digital sources with easy switching between them. Pretty cool.
Good luck,
Try the MUSILAND MD 10, $300 and it upsamples to 176.4, and has dual digital filter for both video and audio. L'wood
I highly recommend Pacific Valves Moded Lite DAC 68. I use it in an office set-up for a second system.

It's tube drive using 6922s and upsamples from 16/44 to 24/96 then a second level to 24/192.

It has three switchable inputs. I use it for SAT Radio into the optical and Computer Audio into the S/PDIF. It has an AES as well. Also includes a digital volume control.

After changing the tubes to some nice NOS Seimens CCAs and replacing the PC, the sound is very good. Warm and rich with lots of detail. I have my preamp set to receive the straight audio from the USB converter and then also through the DAC. What a difference.

It costs $700, worth the money
Check out the Musical Fidelity X-DAC v10, its got some nice features that you're looking for. Only problem is that is not out yet and no idea about the price.
Sorry, I meant the "MF X-DAC v8" not v10!