Good cost effective USB cables for digital audio please

Hello all, I am going to be trying a new streamer that has a USB digital output to drive my DAC, and would like some user recommendations and suggestions on cost effective (say, under $300, less even better) USB A-B cables. It was interesting to see the Absolute Sound having a $25 Belkin gold USB cable on their recommended list for some time HA!!

I’ve been using RCA digital 75 ohm cables (Canare) for some time and know that an ideal length is roughly 1.5 meters for good signal transfer.

Does this apply to USB cables carrying the digital signal to the DAC as well?



I am not sure that this will give any better sound than the Belkin, but it has some audiophile cred. I've used it for years, happily.

Neo by Oyaide Elec D + USB Class A Rev2 1.0 m USB Cable
by Kagayaki Online Shop(DHL / Fedex)
Learn more:

I've been very happy with Curious USB Cable.  Lists for $350,  but have seen used for around $200.  Can check out positive reviews by likes of Darko, Audio Bacon, and Hifi Advice.  

There are good deals around on XLO UltraPLUS 2.0 USB A-B Cable.  I've got one in rotation and it is a very good cable.

What kind of sound do you like?  At that price point I like (used) Black Cat Silverstar USB and TotalDAC D1 USB.  The former is a bit more forward, bold, direct type of sound, but not harsh or bright.  The latter is more relaxed and fluid with a broader perspective.

I ordered the Monoprice Monolith USB cable on the recommendation of another user here who had preferred it over his previous Oyaide cable. I was pretty impressed by it, honestly. Especially at it’s ridiculously low price point. I wasn’t expecting much, but I figured I had almost nothing to lose by trying it. I’m still using it, and have no plans on replacing it in the near future.

review here

You can order it here




There are good deals around on XLO UltraPLUS 2.0 USB A-B Cable.  I've got one in rotation and it is a very good cable.

Agreed. I picked up an UltraPus for 1/2 price. Very pleased. Running from my streamer to DAC. Parts Connexion.

cullen, wireworld and straightwire all make very decent sounding, well constructed usb cables for audio for around or under $100

DH Labs Mirage USB is very, very good for the price. Very low jitter/noise, incredibly open with great dynamics and tonality. Kicks the daylights out of their Wireworld counterparts. I would not consider any other USB in its price range and bet nothing under $500 can beat it. 

+1 on DH Labs Mirage. It beat the wireworld, analysis plus and basic “stock” USB cables 

At the moment I'm using a no name cable from Nucleus+ to DAC so this thread is timely for me.

Can someone answer the question of optimum length?  Or please post the lengths that you are currently using.  Thanks.



I recommended Audioquest Pearl.  It's a simple, well made solid core copper and very easy on the pocketbook.  If your DAC provides sufficiency in the high frequencies it will serve you very well.  If you need more in the highs, getting the AQ with some amount of silver coating might be better.

@barts For USB I'd recommend no longer than 2M, but it's not as meticulous as it is with coax/75ohm cables that work best exactly at 1.5M. Anything from .5M-2M should work optimally. Longer isn't horrible either.

Check out LavriCable.  I’ve got several of their cables in my HeadFi rig and have been very impressed with their sound for the price.  Best of luck.