GOOD component video cable ?

I am looking for a good component video cable.
25 to 30 feet in length. ALSO it would be nice if someone knows of a place to purchase at a discount?

Recomendations please.
APATURE,accusound series silver conductor.INCREDIBLE cable especially good with longer runs.EMAIL me with your phone number and i'll provide you with the additional info.I'am not a dealer.
I have used Better Cables in short runs, and wished I was using them in the long runs as well for video. For video they are the most cost effective and well made cables I have come accross. I have tried some other cables, Audioquest YIQ-4 and use it for the DVD to processor. It is better than the Better Cables, but not by much--and certainly for long runs is not cost justified (not to me anyway).
Is component video cable, "regular" cable with RCAs? If so, before you spend a lot of money, try getting your hands on some regular cable TV coax cable and get RCA adapters at Radio Shack ($2). It sounds crazy, but I did this and could not tell any real difference from this and video cables to justify the additional cost.
Remember that coax cable TV cable is 75 ohm and a solid core conductor. Exactly what is needed.
Belden Reference- $50 for 25ft. Try
I have had good luck with the Monster Cable silver coated wires.
Thank you all for your help, I will research your suggestions.

Is there any concern over phase matching the lengths as you are looking at three time related signals that are summed (effectivly) in the video display? Any other concerns I should note?

Sorry, I can't answer that. This was a trial and error thing I did.
Don't go out and buy a long length of Coax if you do not need it, try to borrow some. The Adapters are just $2 and a throw away. You could solder the connections too.