Good Clamp for VPI HW-19?

I really do not want to spend to much money...not willing to pay more than 100 dollars. Can I go wrong with a clamp? For instance can one be to heavy for the table and affect speed? Thanks!
How about the VPI clamp designed for the HW19?
Well used to own a scout that had the stainless steal clamp and like it. I was thinking I could do better than the plastic standard VPI clamp for 100.
Dependent upon what platter you are using, one problem you might encounter, with a better clamp, or an aftermarket clamp, like a BDR (way over $100 anyway) is Dust Cover clearance.

A small inconvenience, but with a thicker platter, like a MK-IV/TNT Platter, and any of VPI's better clamps, the inside of dustcover will hit the clamp if you leave it on the spindle.

As far as effecting speed, no, there should not be a problem with any clamp you use, even if it was 5 lbs. The Hurst AC Motor is fairly robust.

The added wear on the bearing's thrust plate, and ball might be accelerated due to the added downforce weight of a substantially heavier clamp. Mark

Thanks alot for the input. I am not worried about dust cover clearance, I can just leave clamp off when not in use. In your opinion how much should I spend?
My favorite clamp for the VPI HW-19 is the Teres Audio, but they are around $200. I also liked the BDR clamp.
What could be wrong with the stainless VPI clamp. I'm using it and find it fine....I doubt if there is a "best" one with any significant difference. Perhaps if you A/B the tone might change slightly, but neither one would be better than another.
Are you using the two piece clamp, with the frosted coaster, and little black delrin knob? It works, but is a bit more of an inconvenience due to two parts.

VPi's entry level all delrin clamp is good, and should be within your budget. Next one up is their Stainless Steel knobed clamp.

Weights, such as TT weights, or their clamps don't give as much adjustability, nor IMO do they work with VPI's system, with Rubber Spindle Washer.

Since records vary in a degree of warpage, or dishing, the VPI Clamp system , with the cupped underside of clamp, and spindle washer is pretty tough to beat. Cannot figure out why TT Weights never made an exact clone of the VPI Clamp, with dished underside. It was one reason I never bought one of their clamps. Harry W's clamping system is/was IMO very ingenious.

I can remember years ago, the claims of how this clamp, or that clamp miraculously improved my sound, etc, but any differences between clamps are usually very minor-small.

A better Platter, yes, big changes in sound, but very little with the various clamps. It's more a matter of aesthetics, and cosmetics.

Proper coupling to the platter is IMO important though. I'm sure others will agree, that a record, even slightly see-sawing up and down can be heard. Mark
Harry has always appeared a little ambivalent to me about clamps, the top tables used the HRX weight instead of the clamp. I have used the TTW clamps and weights quite a bit, I liked the brass Heavyweight better than the HRX; at least partially because it made such a nice reflection pattern from the top as it turned. Heavy sucker, weighs 1420 g. They are closing them out at $120 [will sell mine for less, too heavy for my Basis 2001]. I also have used the other TTWs, still have a 1080 g clamp. I actually liked them better than the VPI clamp [ don't tell Harry]. Just don't drop them on your toe. Results vary more, in my experience, with the various clamps, weights and rings than with about anything else. The lighter VPI clamp TTW is closing out now is a good bargain and works well, I sold one with my Aries Extended demo and the buyer is very happy with its performance.
After many years, I still use the original VPI screw on clamp on my HW-19, and it performs its job with no problems at all. I tried a few other more expensive clamps for the heck of it, but they were a chore to work on and off and weren't even as effective as the VPI clamp.

I have heard that the sound quality is fine with the standard one. Although many have said that after a few years the center pin started popping out. So if I could get a complete metal one for the same price I am all for it. I wonder if this is due to them screwing it down a little to tightly perhaps?
Macd: Yes, the center piece popped out on me twice in about twenty years, and I simply screwed it back in with no problems whatsoever. Also, one does not have to overdo it on the screwing down. Some people want to screw things beyond a snug fit. Not necessary, and it's only looking for trouble.
The VPI HR-X Stainless Steel Center Weight works very well but retails for $150.00 US.