Good choice for ic?

Hello all. I'm trying to decide on a ic to go between my Cary 303 cdp and my Rogue 66 pre. The rest of my system is: Magnepan 1.6> Analysis Plus Oval 9 biwired> Odyssey Stratos amp> Coincident cst ic (which I love)> Rogue 66> ic for Cary?> DH Labs Silver Pulse ic> Cal Sigma dac with Mullard 4004 nos 12ax7 and 24/96chip> Cardas 300b ic> Sony 7700 dvd. Would another pair of the Coincident cst ic be a good choice from the Cary 303 to the Rogue pre? Any other brand of ic I should consider? Thanks in advance for any advice!
if you like the coincident interconnect why change it I understand their good quality and value ?
I agree with your comment but also, was wondering of any other choices out there. Can you recommend any others?
Thousands of choices. But you've found one you like -- why not "synergise" it in your system (i.e. stick to same: same tonality, same characteristics, etc...). My bearlabs sound better as a full set than when I tried (mis)matching them w/ other brands!

The Coincident is a good cable for "low" buck, comparably. I would suggest you try a LAT International IC-200 MKII.

Awhile back I was needing a new cable for my Fanfare tuner and heard great things about the CST IC and the LAT cables. I decided to try the CST IC and until recently have been using it for some time. I was happy with it on the tuner, I liked my XLO Ref 2 better when I compared them on my 508.24 CD player.

I am making some system changes and need some RCA cables so I just ordered and received a LAT IC-200 Mk II. It is just now reaching it's suggested break in period and I like it better than the XLO, and the XLO has an advantage because it's balanced and Meridian suggestes the balanced out for best results.

Anyway, thats a long story to suggest a cable! Do a little research, you will find many positive comments on these cables. I can say the quality it top notch.

Now the kicker, they are $189 for one meter with a 45 day return policy, you can't lose!