Good cheap tape deck for ripping?

Hi, I normally don't listen to cassettes at all, but recently I purchased a very rare one that I would like to rip. The songs aren't available in any other format. I was wondering what would be a cheap (under $60) tape deck that can still produce a good rip?

thanks in advance.
go to ebay and pick up a Nakamichi.....they sound beautiful
Are you ripping to a PC or just recording to another cassette directly?
Pro T/F to CD and/or computer runs around $20 per tape in the Los Angeles area.

My last C-Deck was a Nakamichi 700 ZXE (sold 7-8 years ago) and I still own a more than decent CDR.

This said, having a handful of cassettes that I would like to T/F to CD, I figure I'll just go with $20/pop instead of hassling with an iffy vintage C-Deck.
I'm ripping to a Mac, probably will end up using Audacity.
I ended up buying a Nakamichi CR-1A from eBay for 45 bucks. thanks for your suggestions.