Good,cheap speakers for sonic t-amp and ipod

Any suggestions for cheap speakers for sonic t-amp (9watt model).
There's a ton of cheap speakers at Best Buy. Check it out.
Buy a pair of used Minimus 7 speakers from ebay and the $15 crossover upgrade kit sold by ebay user 'litekeys.' I've got a pair I set up with a modified t-amp and it sounds remarkably good for its size and price. Get an SLA battery and you're all set for the next power outage, too.
There's the Pioneer S-HF21-LR that you'll see really cheap at Circuit City.
Another great, cheap speaker is the Polk R15. List price is $180 but they're pretty commmonly available online at $60-75 and I've seen them on sale at Fry's for $50. I had a pair for awhile and did try them with the t-amp. They're reasonably efficent at 89dB and sound a lot better than you'd expect at the price. Here's the Amazon listing with a lot of user reviews.