Good cheap silver wire?

Is there such a thing? I am looking for some good silver interconnects and speaker wire. Let me know your experiences.
The Parts Connection(sonic frontiers) mail order sells Kimber Silver Streak and KCAG in bulk.($18 ft./$50 ft.) Measure how much you need and terminate them yourself. My system needed 13ft. total.(You also have the advantage of shorter wires) 1-800-769-0747
DH Labs makes the brand Silver Sonic - can't touch it for double the price. Speaker cable is called T-14, runs $4/ft and is a thick silver coating over copper with teflon insulation in a twister pair configuration. Interconnects are the BL series starting at $100 for 1m set. They also sell internal hookup wire, which is pure silver 20gg I believe for dirt cheap. check out their site at
Does bigsur use silver wire in his computer? For his Internet connection? Does his TV cable company use silver wire? Does the phone company? Is there one inch of silver wire in a Stealth bomber? How about the space shuttle? The answer: NO! Does bigsur need to waste his money on silver interconnects? The answer: NO, only if his EGO needs it!
I suppose if you're happy with the current sound of MP3 music coming out of computer speakers, then silver wire would seem like a waste of money. BUT, silver cables sound different than copper cables. It's as simple as that. If it sounds better to someone in their system, then why complaign?
There is no silver cable that gives more for your money than the Harmonic Tech Pro-Silway. Acctually all the money in the world can't get you a better cable. It's the absolutely best I have tried.
Signature Technologies in Milwaukee makes a superb silver interconnect called Sig-Lynx. $100 for .5 meter, $125 for 1 meter. They are not listed on the WWW site (yet?), but call and talk to the maker/owner (Brian). He will cut a deal if you buy 2 sets. He also offers $$$ back guarantee. He also makes tube electronics that have been well reviewed in national mags. A straightshooter!
Michael Percy has Silver Solid Core 16ga for $ 4.95. Good product... Teflon insulation. Comes in multiple gauges.
This, of course, is very diy. You can buy fine silver wire at jewelry supplies.$5 an ounce or something rediculous like that. Very cheap. You have to figure out how best to insulate it and protect it from oxidation, and all that. But you can experiment to your hearts content without breaking the bank, and when you are done, there is not the next more expensive product sitting there making you drool. If you don't like the results, you still have fine silver wire.
Yes, I agree. Voodoo are excellent buy solid core silver cable. Kimber Silver Streak is a silver-copper hybrid (silver for +, copper for -) and the dealer can terminate them with Kimber's own RCAs.
How do I contact Voodoo Cables and Michael Percy for the solid core silver wires I need? Please help me. Thanks
Try these sites and
Homegrown Audio for interconnects Tracer
this is a no brainer! check out stealth cables at you will be amazed.