Good, cheap power cord/interconnect for subwoofer

I just picked up an older Genesis 12" servo-sub with outboard crossover/amp on the cheap(VERY). This is the circular shaped sub with the gloss black finish. I'd like to add it to my 2 channel purist system to occasionally fill in the bottom or add some weight to the upper bass.
I'll be running my speakers full-range, not using the crossover/amp on them.

What I'd like to ask for is some recommendations for both an unbalanced interconnect and a power cord that would bring out the best of the sub. I do want power and weight from the sub but, I also VERY much want articulation and focus. I've recently sold a few cables that would have fit the bill nicely but would be more expensive than I want to spend for this project. So, what would you recommend for no more than $200 for each cable (pc & ic) and even less would be preferable on the used market?
Thanks so much for everyone's time and insight!

check the website.
Blue Jean cable LC-1 Analog audio RCA cable and PS Audio shielded power cord. Relatively inexpensive and more than adequate for your purposes.
I was using the Kimber "Hero" cable for the subwoofers in my system for a while and liked them a lot. They are very tight sounding with very little bloat.
Morrow Audio SUB1 interconnect and PS Audio Plus power cord.
I see a couple of recommendations for PS Audio power cords.
Is there much of a difference between the lower models and the upper models as far as running a sub-amp goes and how do the older models compare to the more recent and newer cords? I presently have the sub amp/crossover plugged into my PS Audio P-600 (fitted with Porter Ports) and a 6Sons Audio Windigo power cord powers the whole system. Thanks.
Easy answer here. Blue Jean LC-1
I would suggest a Syndrgistic Research AC Master Coupler. Exceptional cord for subwoofer. Check for used. Also an Active phase 2 interconnect. Excellent also..

Try sonic horizon( herrican )PC$199 with 30 days money back ,it is acutually best mit magnum and other cost 3-4 time i'm kiding you not, check at or at .This company Sonic horizon one of the best kept secret in hi-end audio ,people who knows know .do some search before you buy them,i had.I'm gurantee that you will blow away when you heard them,.By the way Dayberk $100 is also very very good PC ,it one of the lower model in sonic horizon line ,but ti will blow those Over price pc out of the cold water. you know This is great community that why i'm here ,to save the day,there you have it.Good luck

by the way if you have a chance to try those PC ,please try them on very equipment,and you see what happen !.enjoy

Just wanted to thank all for your input. I've had the sub in the shop for awhile getting a new surround installed and now have the umbilical at Moon Audio checking out options on upgrading this cable as well. Thanks all!
PNF Audio. Fantastic value for money. I like the PS Audio power cords as well.
I use PS Audio power punch pc's on all my equipment. They add nothing nor take anything away from the sound. The construction is top notch and they look really nice if that matters to you. The price is right at well under $100.00. I can't comment on sub cables because I don't use a sub.
When I indicate sub cables, I'm really talking about regular analog RCA interconnects. The sub's amp/crossover is outboard and uses an umbilical to connect to the subwoofer. I'm having Moon Audio check into upgrading that. I'm just looking for a fairly cheap way of connecting the sub's input to my Droplet's single-ended outputs that offers the best bass for the money. Thanks.
Tough to beat a VH Audio Pulsar IC and their Flavor 4. The Pulsar is a 75ohm cable that seems to be very good at low level detail. The VH4 is a great power cord that will easily deliver all the current the sub needs.

For your budget you can get the Pulsar new. Flavor 4 will depend on length and the connectors - keep it stock and you can do it. If you see one you like here on the Gon grab it - they sell faster then anything else I have seen listed.

I agree with Joey earlier... Morrow SUB1 or SUB2... cost/benefit ratio is very, very high imho

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I haven't been responsive to the advice offered to this thread and I apologize for that. I've had Mr Baird at Moon Audio build me an umbilical using Cardas Crosslink and have had a problem with the cord (no problem with Moon Audio--highly recommended). I haven't been able to use the sub in over a month so I've kinda forgot about the whole project. I hope to be able to try out some of your recommendations soon. Thanks!---Lyle