Good, cheap, loud speakers

I need a pair of speakers for my garage. I already have a good amp, I just need sturdy, quality speakers. I was thinking about something in the range of a large bookshelf or small loudspeaker. Considering that I'll be listening to bands such as tool, and 10 years, what does audiogon recomend for less than $100, used or new?
Something you can blast for around $100 ?

A pair of JBL L40

The original B&W 600 series, specifically the DM600i, or DM610i
The DM600i is the size of the later DM601, the DM610i is like the DM602
JBL or Cerwin Vega speakers will play loud, not great but pretty good and LOUD and can take a good workout.
Klipsch heresy may be a bit more but will work
Infinity Primus
Yamaha, Infinity Primus. I bought
both for my son, pretty decent &
hard to beat psb
used pair of Athena floorstanding asf1 or f2 or as b1 or 2 or bookshelf model
good sound and they can rock
A pair of old Polk Audio monitors. My dad found a pair of Polk Audio monitors, don't recall the model number, at a garage sale dirt cheap. They are very sturdy looking and sound very good for the price. Great speakers for the garage.
or original might need to re-surround the woofer...but other than that...these things could live through a nuclear bomb....