Good cheap anti-static spray?

Looking for a cheap (actually works) antistatic spray for my cables.
Anything work good for you that you can share your thoughts/price/performance?
I know about the Nordost (which is what I will be using it on provided it works) spray, but was looking for something cheaper than $30.00 can.
Try Pledge Multi Surface which is an electronics cleaner with an anti-static formula.
I imagine static guard would work. I do use the Nordost eco3 and have gone through about 1/4 bottle in the last year and a half. I spray it on a micro fiber cloth then wipe down my cables. I only use it when my system doesn't sound quite right and it does the trick. I also read somewhere that bounce sheets work well and smell pretty good too. Personally I haven't tried either since I have the eco3.
I friend of mine swears by the use of Bounce fabric softener dryer sheets. He rubs them on all his cables. Never tried it myself.
Endust for Electronics is cheap and effective. Around $3-$5 per can.

I may give the Endust a try.
I have read about people going to the extreme as to take their covers off their electronics and wipe the inside with static guards, including their cables, connectors, ect.

I'm not going to that extreme but, I think I'll try it on my cables
Thanks for the reponses!