Good centerspeaker

I am looking for a good and, if possible, good centerspeaker. Would something like a B&W CC6 do? Are their alternatives? Should I consider buying secondhand? Your advice would be welcome.
I recommend the Paradigm CC-450, very clear dynamic sounding center channel Go listen to it, it's the only way!!!
The best center is exactly what you use for right and left front. In the early days, that was the recommendation for THX systems. The B&W THX Home Cinema system used three FCM8's across the front. Now all manufactures have a matched center. You must match your left and right speakers. The CC6 compliments the B&W 600's. Make sure you get the same series number or they will be different. I have replaced my B&W HTM with a third 802 to match my 802 left and right. The change is beyond dramatic. I highly recommend a full range center. As DTS music emerges, this is the way of the future. Look at the new products from Meridian and Theil.
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