Good CDP with digital input/DAC capable

I am in need of a good cdp that I can feed a digital signal through for DAC. I am using a computer based audio collection with coax output for which I would like to improve the signal. I think Wadia does this, any others?
The Mark Levinson 390s accepts digital input and outputs an analog signal. It can switch between this digital input and its internal CD player. It also has an analog volume control, so you can connect it directly into your basic amp without using a preamp.
The Quad 99 CDP and 99 CDP2 have six digital inputs. The Resolution Audio Opus 21 also has a digital inut. Both of the above also have built-in volume control so you can connect them directly to a power amp without the need for a preamp.
Cambridge Azur 840c.
One of the best bangs for your buck is to find a used Theta Basic.
Look here and on eBay. There were a few models (ie, Basic 1,2,3).
I have an awesome sounding player dac from Tube Technology with a digital input via BNC or optical. You can get a BNC coax adapter so that it will work with your coax output. It's an awesome player with the same dac section as the Chord DAC64 and a tubed output. They don't come up often so if you see one jump, like I did! I doubt you'll regret it, there's a review in HiFi+ magazine if you can track a copy down. Happy listening!
Resolution Audio Opus 21.
Both Audio Aero Capitole and SACD Prestige offer a bunch of digital inputs.
I'll second Daltonlanny's recommendation of the Cambridge Audio 840c. You'd have to spend a lot more to match it. What preamp/amp are you feeding it to?
I am wanting to pull the trigger on one soon :). Who had them for under $1200 new? I remember seeing it posted here, but cannot find it now?
Not sure about your price range but the Cary 306SACD has a digital input.
Feeding into ARS Filharmonia integrated and Merlin VSM-MM. I like the AA Capitole but that's quite a large investment. Thanks for all of the suggestions.
Hello......????? It anyone awake ???

This guy is looking for a CD transport to feed a digital signal to a DAC. Most of you are recommending megabuck players for him to listen to without a DAC.

I agree with getting a Theta Basic. Just a few hundred used for a player that did cost thousands new. These were built specifically to be CD transports.

He'd be better of getting a $80 DVD player at Best Buy.

What is basic reading comprehension coming to ???
Bowbow... having a rough day?

Jamesw20 specifically asked about a CDP that has digital inputs. Yep, there are transports that can do just that but, given that he mentioned 'CDP' and the Wadia, the suggestions here are certainly valid.

Re-read the original post. I think the poster is looking for a quality CD player that also has a digital input so he can use the CD player's internal DAC to also improve his computer music collection.

As you can see from the many replies, such players do exist. I've owned a couple myself for the exact reason the original poster is asking about.


Bowbow, you are wrong. Re-read his post. He is looking for a CD player with digital inputs so that he can utilize it's DAC with his computer.
Brow-Brow, like in the brow of a Neandethal Man, how FAR did you go in school, or was reading composition an option?? I was enjoying the thread until I read your outburst. Perfectly clear to EVERYONE but you as to what the author was asking about.