good cd transport for $1,000 or less

Looking to run through the new Benchmark Audio Dac1 HD--> bel canto or nuforce or wyred calss d monos -- Quad 12l2 speakers with REL Sub. Any suggestion would be great. Open to buying second hand for a hogher quality unit.
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They claim it doesn't matter but I would be curious to try it and see if that is true. I would use the USB input and my computer if there isn't a specific reason you have to use a transport. Cost is zero since you evidently already have a computer plus you get all of the convenience of computer based playback vs. loading discs.
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i fully agree with bob reynolds--with the excellent dac, any inexpensive, well-built transport should suffice. i like cambridge, which has a very smooth tray mechanism and reads discs very quickly; rotel and sony es are also solid alternatives.