good cd transport for $1,000 or less

Looking to run through the new Benchmark Audio Dac1 HD--> bel canto or nuforce or wyred calss d monos -- Quad 12l2 speakers with REL Sub. Any suggestion would be great. Open to buying second hand for a hogher quality unit.
One of the advantages of the Benchmark DAC1 is that the transport doesn't matter. Pick anything that is reliable and has the user interface you like. The $500 NAD C545BEE should fit the bill well, but a $300 Cambridge Audio 340C will work just as well. I picked the NAD, because it has a Repeat button on the front panel -- no hunting for the remote.
They claim it doesn't matter but I would be curious to try it and see if that is true. I would use the USB input and my computer if there isn't a specific reason you have to use a transport. Cost is zero since you evidently already have a computer plus you get all of the convenience of computer based playback vs. loading discs.
Herman, it was true enough for me comparing a Cambridge 340C, a Denon 3910, a Samsung 2500 and a NAD C545. Note these weren't level matched comparisons; just casual "what if" testing. Assuming the transports are bit perfect, the ASRC should produce the same data stream to the DAC so you should get the same analog output in each case.
i fully agree with bob reynolds--with the excellent dac, any inexpensive, well-built transport should suffice. i like cambridge, which has a very smooth tray mechanism and reads discs very quickly; rotel and sony es are also solid alternatives.