Good CD transport < $500

I've just bought the Pertetual Tech stuff and am looking for a good transport only. Do not need anything fancy just a good solid transport with coax out. I would consider anything (player or transport).
If you're OK with used consider a California Audio Labs (CAL) Delta transport. Nice build and they can be had for ~$4-500 on AudiogoN.
Cambridge Audio Disc Magic.AS good or better than much more expensive transports.Not that well known in America.It's a British marketed design by Pink Triangle that is put together in Asia to save construction costs.Very high quality parts and build quality is supperb.They retailed for $800 or more new but if you're lucky enough to find one used it is a good deal at around $400. Has all the usuall input / output options. I use one with my EVS Dac and they make for a very musical front end.
Would you consider acurus acd-11! I used to own one, it did so fine for transport section. some say its dac s*-k but we doesn't need that part right? Air suspension, alu feet, look great, build like tank,coax out.... I used it many years no problem
The Phillips CDM-9 Swing arm transport used in the older Rotel RCD970 and RCD975 CD Players is quite good. You would also have a very fine CD Player (Especially the 975). Rotel also made a transport using the CDM-9 called the RDD980. Used they are all well under $500 (more like $200 to $300).
I've been using a Parasound CD/P 1000 as a transport for several months now with no problems. It has a coax output and nice build quality. The flourescent display could be better though. Audio Advisor still has some B-stocks at $250. The only other complaint I have is that the remote was a little scratched up, but it was B-stock. I have heard some people had reliability problems with them. I used to own a California Audio Labs DX-1 and it was a good unit, but the spindle motor would go out every year for three years consecutively before I sold it.
Hi, One of the best is the Pioneer PDS's seem strange but really an incredible one, and I am NOT a pioneer lover at all (I own YBA/AirTight ATM-2 and Merlin VSM-SE). Bye.
Best bet for the money is a used Theta, EAD, or Monarchy "universal" transport that is based on high end Japanese laser/mutidisc players (4 different disc sizes). These are inexpensive now and far superior to the low end stuff mentioned here. They are designed to spin the substantial mass of a laser disc and do a fine job with cd's. All of these companies re-work the circuits to their own specs and re-build the boxes (beefier). These also tend to have more output options as they were originially designed as high end pieces. Jim.
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