good cd/sacd players for classical music.

What cd and sacd players do you recommend for classical music?
That are good for reproducing piano or violin in Your system?
I have Sony and have heard Rotel. No modded players. Under $1000.
I have Classe and i prefer it for Classical, Folk and acosutic music. It seems to sound more lifelike and more analog.
Goodness me, this looks like a very large question, unless you mean units which play _both_ SACD and CD. Personally, I can listen to classical piano or violin on any player at all. (The better players I've had do a better job, it's true.) As for dual players, I've had two Shanlings. Right now I have an SCD-S200 and it sounds wonderful on SACD and very good with CD.

If you could narrow down your question a bit--mention your budget and perhaps your associated gear--that would be helpful.
Yes, players which play SACD And CD.