Good CD Player under $800.00 used

Hello, I have been using a CAL Icon mk2 with powerboss hdcd for about 10 years. Sounded so good I never thought about upgrading until now. Upgrading to a diff amp soon as well. Anyway what are some of the best candidates under about $800.00 used? Thanks
If you can stretch your budget I would think about the Sony XA5400ES. They can be had used for between $900-$1000 and new for between $1100-$1200. I too had a CAL Icon MK2 and like you said it sounded very good. When I upgraded to the Sony the difference was huge. Everything just sounded a whole lot better. The redbook performance is excellent. The fact that plays SACD's is just icing on the cake. That was one of the best audio decisions I ever made.
Again it is time for a sony 595, a refurb for $60 from SonyStyle. It plays SACD. Be bold, don't let your wallet get in front of your ears.
I just purchased one today for $1185 total. Best price I could find on internet.
Thanks for the quick replies I appreciate that. I am really trying to stay in the $500 to $750 Range though, Any other suggestions? Also, What do you think is a fair asking price for the Cal icon mk2 with powerboss? Thanks again
At $909 at CDW, I'm closing in on your price.
Oh, man, I had the Icon 2 long ago also.
Brings back memories.
Yeah, I 2nd the Sony (I have one), or maybe a used Marantz.
Aaron: feedback on CDW is dismal. have you dealt with them?
I must say I am a reluctant to sell it, but its time for an upgrade. I've been out of the audio game for several years so I appreciate all the help. Can Someone chime in on what I should list the cal player for? it has the powerboss. Thanks
You might find a JAS Musik 1.2 at the top of your price range.It is one of my favorite players at any price!!!
03-27-11: Aaronmadler writes:
At $909 at CDW, I'm closing in on your price.
That's a heck of a price. I paid $1500 from Crutchfield about 2 years ago and have no complaints. Double-boxed and great shipping. But still ... that CDW price!

It's a wonderful player. Ziggyt, open the piggy bank. Find another $100, go on a fast. ;-)

How did you know I needed to lose wieght? I was thinking of listing the cal player for $350.00 Sound fair?
AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000?

You can find 'em for $650 or less in excellent condition with extras.

I've no complaints with mine.


If you don't need balanced output, add the Arcam FMJ line to your consideration list. Arcam CD36 is going for $775 on AG. Arcam CD37 also plays SACD with latest Wolfson DACs, and new B Stock is going for $1299.

Another good CD in your price range is the top-loading Rega Apollo, going for $500 - $700 used.

Good luck.
Hey Aron Check your e-mail. By the way, nice system dude. Say, what do you Audiophiles think of the marantz sa8001 how does it compare to the sa8003 or the xa5400es. Thanks
...Also, the Cambridge Audio Azur 740C, new for $800. -Good luck.
Aron was that a new or used unit? thanks
I have the 8001 and really like it!!!I don't use it for Red Book as I prefer my Musik 1.2 and Astin Trew Tube players,however;it is very close to the best Red book CD sound I have heard.I have not heard the 8003 or 8004,but I prefer the styling and song read-out(in SACD mode)offered by the SA 8001.It is a very reliable,solid and competent player/transport.
Jolida JD 100/ Underwood Level 1 Mod
Anybody care to chime in on how the marantz 8001 does on Redbook?
The 8001 is a very good Redbook CD player.My friend and I have done several listening sessions comparing it to the JAS Musik 1.2,Astin Trew 3500,Musical Fidelity A 3.24 DAC,Citypulse 2.03 DAC,Cambridge Azur Dacmagic Dac and more.It is very difficult to choose between these players and Dacs.They all sound very good.In extended listening sessions,I've found that I prefer the two tubed output CD players.Both are slightly more detailed than the Marantz,and both have a little bit of that magic sparkle and presence.I also slightly prefer the three outboard DACS.The Citypulse and Cambridge are slightly more extended and detailed.The Cambridge also provides more Bass Slam.The MF is more delicate and clean sounding.All of this said,I could very happily live with the 8001 as my only CD player!
Thanks for all the replies. It was quite helpful
What'd you end up with?
You got the Marantz player?
Ok guys Dont get mad at me. I fully expected to try and find a marantz but I am trying an experiment first. It just arrived today from my technician in California. I will post my findings in the next couple of days, with a full report. Thanks for all the feedback, it is very helpful.
Still haven't had a chance to listen to my unit. I will update soon. Thanks