Good CD Player for UR Unico

I was looking for suggestions from Unico owners for a CDP that matches well with the Unico. I am looking to spend $1000 or less, new or used. Also, any CDPs that do not match well with the Unico would be helpful too.

I'm using a Jolida JD100 with mine, and I think it is an excellent combination. It fits your price range nicely.
I have gone the mod's route in recent years, and never been disappointed. Most recently, I used the Unico with a modified Pioneer DV-45A universal player, it si SUPERB (I ended up with about $1300 total invested, though; you can do many mods for less). The pioneers, the Philips 963SA, the Denon's, all are good mod material so I've heard.

I ended up seling the Unico because I do more headphone listening now, but my mod'd Pioneer isn't going anywhere !, (along with, - three that pop right into my mind. Worht looking into, IMO you get more for your money.
you might want to give the rega planet a listen. You might be surprised. Also, I think you can find the jupiter in your price range every now and again.
I am using the Unico with a Music Hall Maverick CD/SACD player. I picked up the player on Audiogon for $1000. New they list for $1500. It is a great Redbook CD player, and has upsampling which I find really adds width and depth to the soundstage. SACD I find really depends on the discs, some do not sound any better than CDs. I also find that not all CDRs will be read by the Maverick. All in all - I think they are very well matched pair. 6Moons has reviewed both of these units that have been modified and raved about both!
I also use the Jolida player and it is fantastic with my Unico. I haven't even tried different tubes yet!
I have used the Jolida JD-100 with NOS Mullard 12AX7 (CV4004) tubes and an aftermarket powercord... also drop some NOS Mullard 12AU7's (CV4003?) into your Unico... the combination was quite stunning for the price point!