Good CD Player for a Bryston B-60 Amp?

Just purchased a used Bryston B-60 (a 2004 model) from a fellow on this site, and would like to hear what the community has to say about an appropriate cd player pairing. Not looking to go over $1K, and am happy with trying a used player, if not too old...

Plan on running it all through B&W 685s for the time being

Feel free to throw out recommendations and share past experiences. Have been reading a bit about players with a tube output (e.g. Jolida). Any experience with these? Would it be a good combo? Also interested in a used Rega unit.

Would really appreciate your thoughts/debates.

We pick the Cambridge Audio 740C with the B60 for our customers.
I really like the Rotel 1072. I have run this with my b-60 and b&w 602s3 and was very pleased.
the Naim players would be good choices with the Bryston in my opinion.

good luck!

Thanks for your responses. Looks like I have some demos to do.

Any other suggestions?
Sony XA5400ES...get one before this exceptional player is gone!
Stay away from used player unless you learn/know the history,good luck,Bob
I use a Rega Apollo with my B60. Both are excellent on their own, and even better together IMO.

There's a pro review of a B60/Rega Planet 2000/PMC TB2+ somewhere on Bryston's site if you're interested.