Good CD carrying cases

Any recommendations on good "soft" CD cases. I've noticed little scratches on my CD's and am guessing these are coming from my current carrying cases. Are there cases that are particularly gentle on CD's? And, are there cases I should avoid (ex. ones with plastic in sleeves, etc.)?
Thanks in advance for your advice.
Avoid ones with the slit pockets that have nylon fibers. THESE WILL SEVERELY SCRATCH YOUR DISCS UNDER THE RIGHT (WRONG) CONDITIONS!
Slappa has some great products.
Since I have seen many damaged cds from people who use carrying cases where the playing surface comes in contact with the case pockets, I would caution you to stay clear of them. Some surfaces release a gas that gets obsorbed into the cd and causes them to stick to the surface of the storage pocket. Over time all of them get contaminated particles imbedded on the pocket surfaces which will cause scratches. Just for giggles, ask someone who you see carrying one if you could check out how the cds stand up (also ask the age of the cds). This will open your eyes.

My suggestion is to purchase some ulti-slim jewel cases (Sam's 100@`$11.00) and get a nice Case Logic or what ever case that holds jewel cases. If you have cds that are irreplaceable you will have piece of mind.

However, if you are ripping your own cdRs from originals you own then I guess you can go with the suggestion above.

Good luck,