Good cartridge for the VPI Classic 1 turntable.

Hi. I am about to pull the trigger on the VPI Classic (1) turntable. Two questions -- 1) which MC cartridge works well? As for a MM I understand that the Clearaudio Maestro (wood) performs well. Your thoughts? 2) my budget for a phono preamp is about $700.00. What would be a good match. I like to listen to Steely Dan (AJA), the Beatles, Holly Cole, Louis Armstrong, etc. I'm not into classical music. I have a Primaluna Dialogue II with NOS tubes, Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor speakers with Kimber Kable Monicle X spkr wires. My other choice is to buy the Clearaudio Concept table with their Maestro (wood) MM cartridge. Is the Project Tube Box II phono preamp a good match for either of these fine tables? Thank you for your comments and insight. Cal.
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Dynavector 20xL cart with a Dynavector P75 mkI or mkII phono pre (used?) set to phono enhancement setting.

If you can stretch get the 20x2L
I second the GCPH, excellent for the price. I just sold mine for $475 and it was in mint condition. As far as the cart goes, I am finishing the setup for a Classic 3 arm on my Scoutmaster II tonight. I will be using a Shelter 501, I will let you know how it sounds. I had a lot of problems with the Shelter on the JMW 9 Signature...
The Phonomena 2 sounds quite a bit better than the GCPH in my experience. GCPH was a bit bright & thin for me.
I have the Phonomena 2 with my VPI Classic 1 and Ortofon 2M Black cartridge. Sounds great!
Good advice, get a Jico SAS stylus and you'll have an amazing cartridge for the money. I had one on my Classic 1 and will be installing the same arm cartridge combination on my Aries 3.