Good cartridge for CJ PV10 and Michell Gyro SE

Any recomendations on the best cartridge for a Conrad Johnson PV10 tube pre amp with a Michell Gyro SE. I need High output MC or MM.(45db gain in the pre-amp) I was considering:
- Grado Sonata 5MV Moving Iron
- Benz Ace High 2.5MV Moving Coil
- Dynavestor 20XH 2.5MV Moving Coil
All in the $500 retail range - I could go a little more with a good recommendation.

Any opinion on High output moving coil vs MM or MI. The Grado has twice the output voltage. Any significance to this?
Thanks for any help
You're OK on cart output voltage here with anything over about 1mv, but 1.5mv and above would be preferrable for a decent S/N ratio. So all your candidates would work, but sorry, I can't give you recommendations among them.