Good carousel dvd or cd player in silver?

Hello everyone, I've been looking for a good carousel cd or dvd player to replace my older onkyo. For the wife it is important that it match the preamp (anthem avm20)which is silver. So far I have only found the rotel rcd 1055 as an option. Any suggestions on some other players that meet this criteria?
If you want to match your AVM20, how about an Anthem CD-1?
I have matched the AVM20 with the CD-1. The sound through Analog Direct is outstanding.

Hope this helps,
Thats awesome I didn't know they made cd players, I just now noticed it on their site under "archive" and then "other products." Has this unit been discontinued? Do you know how much it retails/retailed for?
Unfortunately, it's discontinued (Anthem is really focusing on HT now). They pop up for sale here at the 'gon from time to time. I believe the MSRP for the CD-1 was $1,700.