Good cables for Rega Planet/Mira combo??

Does anyone have ideas for good interconnects for a Rega Planet/Mira combo? Price under $150 is preferable. - Sampsa
I suggest some Kimber Silver streak. I had the Rega Brio and it's midrange was wonderful but somewhat a soft presentation overall. The Kimber will flesh out some of that and should make it sound very airy and detailed with good quick tight bass. IMHO.
Look at for Stealth cables, and buy as high up the line as you can. Don't assume that silver is necessarily better than copper: my present cross-wrapped copper cables beat Fineline Reference in my system. Don't assume that your Rega/Miro combo needs something special to it. A great cable will be just fine, and Stealth has them. (Sorry if this sounds arrogantly positive: I'm just trying to be relatively brief.)