Good cables for my rear speakers


I'll be happy to receive some advice on decent long cables for my rears (Jm Lab electra 905). I have moved to a bigger house and now need a pair of 45-50 feet cables for the 905's which are part of a HT setup. I would like to spend between $100 and $250 on decent cables (the 905 are very good imo). If it makes any difference, for the front speakers I am using Transparent Super XL.

Any input will be greatly appreciated....


There have been a number of previous threads on this subject, so you might want to check the Audiogon archives to see all of the discussion and recommendations.
canare quad 4s. This cable is a 4 conductor, 14 guage per conductor. Nice insulation, and @ .70/foot. Check Markertech, the delivery was very fast and packaged well. I called Canare and spoke to a great lady who sent me some sample peices of cable, check out their web. good luck, chris
Why not going RadioShack way and get 14 or 16AWG 120' run for $7 instead of $100 or $300?
Build your own speaker wires if you are looking to save $$. I am trying SIlver at the moment,but you should be able to fifnd Spoo;s of Thick Gauged Copper then Litz Braid them or twist them into runs and terminate them yourself.

There is alway Belden CAT Cable which can be used,but I would rather spend alittle more to get the exact gauges I am looking for in the particular runs needed.

For CAT Cables look to Jon Risch's designs which can be found at Audio Asylum's Cable BB.

Anotehr source is Parts express,but I'd want better than theirs.

Good luck !
You want thick , as in 10 gauge wire . I forget whether I used Sound King or Parts express but ran them through my ceiling when I finished my basement . Then look for a pair of Walker High Definition Links on Audiogon, and you will be a happy camper. But think Thick !!

Thank you for all of your comments. I think I will go for one of the cheaper alternatives that you've suggested.

Regards, Raanan
Check out the AudioQuest GR-8 cable:

A 50-foot pair will cost you about $260.00. Not a bad deal.
If you want to same some cash just go get a roll of monster cable. 40 bucks for 50 foot roll. Not the cheapest but not overly priced, besides rear channels dont exactly have a very demanding soundtrack, i guess unless you listen to alot of multichannel music or just have money to burn there is not too much of a point in worrying about it.

just my humble opinion of course!

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