Good cables for a Krell system?

I am looking for new a set of speaker cables and interconnects for my Krell system. I have Nordost Red Dawn (rev2) at the present but I find them too harsh in the top end.

Any suggsestions would be great!

Pre-amp: Krell KRC
Power amp: Krell KAV-500 (4 channels used to bi-amp speaker)
Speakers: Aurum Cantus Volla
Record player: SME 20/2 with Lyra Titan i
Phono pre-amp: Whest PS.30 RDT SE
Cardas Golden Reference would probably tame your harshness.
I always prefer MIT with my Krells after trying many cables especially the bass. Transparent ICs are also a good match but the SCs are much darker than MITs.

I too found Nordost Red Dawn to bright and lean.
Thanks! I will check them out.
You could also try Transparent Ref Cables second hand...there are a few around. See Hificritic or any number of reviews here.
Purist audio cables great with Krell
After using, Tara Labs, Synergisitic and then Harmonic Tech for many years, I have been using Mapleshade Golden Double Helix between a Krell 400cx and Thiel CS6s for the past year and I am quite happy. The results are very balanced, detailed and dynamic.
Caveat, I know nothing about your speakers. FWIW, the Alpha-Core Goertz MI3 speaker cables were made at the request of Krell for their high powered amplifiers. Alpha-Core offers a generous free trial period.