Good cable mate with Paradigm Studio 100v2?

I was considering going with Kimber Bifocals or a pair of 3033 with jumpers. Im running Classe components. Any ideas? Thanks.
I run LAT International biwires with 60v2s and Classe gear and am happy. I don't hear the offensively bright tweeter that many complain about with this combo.
MIT T-2's or 3's are a great match for Paradigms.
The Studio series can have a rather bright tweeter and the MIT's are just the ticket.
I just got the Canare starquad biwire cable for Paradigm 40 V.2 and found it to be much better than the Monster Flat Speaker wire I was using. Canare sounded very civilised compared to the Monster which was a bit harsh in high end. I also feel the bass is tighter than before.