Good but not so well known harmonica blues bands.

Most of us know the usual suspects but there are some very good bands around, some for many years and some are relatively new comers. Here is a partial list of some that aren't too bad and need more people to hear them.
The Night Hawks(been around for 30 years,( Mark Wenner can really play)
The Paul DeLay Band
Johnny Hoy and The Bluefish
Smoke House
Sugar Blue
Elliot and The Untouchables
I know you fans can add many to this list.......
Carlos del Junco is not just good but Incredible! Saw him Saturday night with an incredible band all that were mistake free as compared to Carlos. I guess it is easy to squeak out a wrong note or two when you attempt 12 harmonicas and not one a chromatic version. Additionally, he impressed me with his ability to let each memeber step forward for their say, in other words he understands how to play in a band and lead.

I enjoy his later work as it fuses jazz to the blues as I am more a jazz than blues afficinado.
Little Charlie & the Nightcats -- captured live....
Does Segal/Schwall qualify as 'not so well known'?
Charlie Musselwhite of course.
James Harman, always surrounds himself with first rate players, plays a great harmonica, and writes songs with clever lyrics. Check out "Two sides to Every Story" for a good introduction to this highly entertaining musician. Better yet, catch him live, usually on the west coast.
William Clarke, who passed away in 1996, was a fierce harmonica player who won several W.C. Handy Awards. I highly recommend his albums "Serious Intentions", and "Blowin' Like Hell"
The best blus CD that should have won blues CD of the year a few years ago was Blues Time with Magic Dick and Jay Giles. Yes the J. Giles we all know and love??? He can really play Chicago blues guitar better thatn most out there but nobody ever knew it. I will send you a copy if you email me your address.

Try some Sugar Blue. Snooky Pryor--an underrated legend.
Ditto Little Charlie, Siegal/Schwall & charlie Musselwhite. Dont overlook James Cotton,and back in the70's there was a guy called King Biscuit Boy who was quite good also...