Good budget interconnects for arcam alpha 8?

Newbie on budget perplexed by myriad cable options:

I am looking to bi-amp Arcam 8P/8R The integrated, bought used last year, matched wonderfully with the B&W 601s I've had for 20 years. I want to hear them bi-amped before I consider speaker upgrade. Turntable is a Rega P1, CD is a Sony SCD-CE595 5-Disc changer (both better than price might suggest).

Never paid attention to cables until I heard the difference from simply adding cheap Monster bi-wiring on speakers. Wow.

Anti-cables sound like good bang for buck. Are they?
Any quality cheaper options?
Is the cost-benefit of changing stock CD, turntable interconnects worth it given my humble system?

It is definately worth it! You will most diffently notice the improvement. I would look at older Tara Labs Prism 33's. Great IC. Buy a longer length of cable (say 2m) and make you're own cables. (You'd have to buy some IC connectors, Neutrik's for under $2 pr., and do some soldering. Cheapest and best for the $.) Same goes for some older Audioquest solid core IC's. Jade/Sidewinder/Turquise. Both the Tara Labs and AQ are solid core wire. I've found these sound better than stranded wire IC's in this price range. Good luck!
Yes - definitely will make a positive difference. Power cords too if detachable. Anti-cable, cheaper AQ wires, Kimber PBJ, SignalCable are all good products at reasonable prices.

HCM Audio is selling older AQ products for super cheap, and AudioAdvisor has custom ICs and SCs made with AQ parts for cheap.

Blue Jeans Cable makes quality products without the bling of some of the other manufacturers, but much better than OEM and at very, very reasonable prices.
Thanks for tips! I am intriqued with the anti-cables and I am gonna try them for speakers once I figure out where everything is gonna wind up. (Upgrades a good excuse for tinkering with room setup).

I'll hunt some of these other sources for interconnects and power cords.