Good budget CD with variable out??

I'm trying to put together an acceptable office CD-only system. I have a Rotel RB-951 amp and JPW ML-310 speakers gathering dust. What CD player with variable out could I use for about $500 (new OR used) to get decent sound? Thanks in advance!!!
The one that is hard to beat for the $$ is the Marantz 67SE. You can get one used for around $300.
Audio Advisor had new Marantz 67se on sale for $299 a few weeks ago. You might check with them.
I would say the 67SE as well. I had one in a second system for a while and it was great. If you want, I have also heard that Musical Fidelity CD upgrade thing (the tube buffer) is a nice match witht eh 67SE, you might want to try that.
I would look into an older used Sony 707ESD CD player, or another model of older Sony ES. They sound wonderful and can be found used in your price range.
Parasound CDP 1000. used 150/200 a steal at this price.
Does the Parasound CDP 1000 have a variable out?
I have an Audio Electronic CD-1 for sale in the classifieds for $600.00. It uses a Marantz CD-63 transport mech. and remote (with volume control), but with a much, much improved chassis and (single-ended tubed) output stage. Really magical sounding, especially straight into an amp!! Audio Electronic is Cary Audio's entry level line. I paid $1500 2 yrs ago. NOT a budget cd player.