Good Bookshelf Speakers for Dared SET Amp

What are some good Bookshelf speakers under $1000.00 for my Dared VP-300B SET amp. I will be placing them in a small room. Thanks.
omega single driver speakers...priced from 600 to around 1400...occasionally there are some used ones on audiogon that are a great value
Thanks, c123666. I had thought about those, but I am getting a good pair of small Buggtussels.
Why Buggtussel stand mounts?

86 dB @ 8 ohm speakers mated to an inexpensive 300B SET amp?
Dekay - you are correct - the 'tussels are too inefficent. I will try them on another system. Thank you.

c123666 - I did order some Omega Grande 6R's - those oughta work Great - will know in a few weeks. Thanks again.
Try some KRK systems stuff.Great for that price range and room size,Bob
Be advised that the break in time for the Omegas is a long time...months...and you don't want to just leave them them for a couple of hours or more and then turn them off....keep repeating it...they will sound excellent after break in

If you decide to sell them please contact me.

You might consider the Loth-X BS-1 speakers. They are also an affordable speaker system that is very efficient.

They are 2-way, and I'd normally favor single-driver, but in your price range the pickin's are slim.