Good Bookshelf Speakers B & W, Dynaudio, Paradigm

I would get comments regarding selecting a good pair of bookshelf speakers. We haved own B & W P5s and then graduated to 804s but due to the new house I have to find a good pair of bookshelfs to replace the 804s.

The space will allow a speaker up to 15 inches high so that rules out the B&W 805 and 705. I am leaning toward the CM5s but would like to get input if it is worth finding a dealer for Dynaudio or Paradigm Signature Series. We will use them for listening to music but also part of a home theater setup.

Thanks in advance

Are you planning on putting these speakers on a bookshelf or inside of a bookcase? If such is the case, stay away from speakers that are rear ported, like the Dynaudios. Instead look to front ported or sealed type speakers. I ultimately went with Spendor SA1's and it is working out OK. Supposedly, the new B&W series (685's) would accomodate shelf placement, as well.


Triangle Titus 202s are front ported, have excellent sound and are not expensive, if you can find a pair used. I use them in my 2-channel 2nd a/v system. They sit inside the top speaker enclosures of two Ethan Allen vertical equipment racks and sound top notch. Add a subwoofer if desired to fill in the low end and you have a truly compact high end sounding system for not very much.
I would go listen for a few brands before you buy. I like B&Ws but IMO they do not get good until the 800 series (805s). While lesser B&Ws are still good I think there are better buys in the lower price range.

What is your price range?

I would by Usher Be-718 Tiny Dancer.

They are front ported and they should fit..."15 inches tall by 10 inches wide by 16 inches deep at the bottom and 12 inches deep at the speaker's top (add another two inches for binding post clearance)."

They are $2800 though but if you were looking at the 805s they should be in your budget.
You may want to consider smallest Harbeth. IMO they are quite solid choice for music reproduction for $2K. They are not ported which helps when placing in a confined space. You may wish to match with a small REL subwoofer for home theatre.
Provided your amp is up to it - why not consider the NHT Classic Threes? I love mine - but they do require a good bit of juice to run.
Sell your amp/preamp and buy a pair of AVI ADM9.1's. Better than B&W and Proac.
Well I finally decided and went with Revel M22s. I listed to the B & W CM7, CM5, Dynaudio and Paradigm.

The Revels are really good speakers have a very neutral sound and great vocals.

At the same time I have upgraded to an Arcam AVR 350 receiver.

Now thinking of swapping out the Denon disc player.

thanks for the help.
Try auditioning these speakers:

From England:

ATC 11s
B & W 685
Neat Motive 3is
Spendor SA1s

From Denmark:

DALI Lektor 2.0s

I think all of these are best in market at the moment and are at different price points.