Good bookshelf speaker?

Hi everybody,

I am choosing a good pair of bookshelf speaker to pair with my Naim Nait5i-2. Could you please let me know which one is the best overall for the money and performance? I listen to jazz, orchestra, classical, and electronic.

They are:
- PMC twenty 22 or 21
- Reference 3A De Capo BE or Dulcet
- KEF ls50
- Totem Rainmaker
- ProAc tablette anniversary

Please help me out! Thanks a lot.
KEF LS50. I own Magico speakers and the LS50 monitors blew me away when I heard them...left the audio store with a pair. Lots of flagship technology built into this speaker. Only ported speakers I have heard that don't have the chuffing and bloat I usually hear. I think the KEF LS50 speakers, especially paired with a decent (fast) sub, can compete against $5,000-$10,000 systems. I believe 10 years from now I will look back and wish I had bought an extra pair as collectors item or as backup.
Do you need front- or rear-ported?
I had one of those amps myself. My recommendation would be to stay away from anything bright sounding and/or with a metal tweeter. Looking at your list, I would probably say the ProAc is the best match.
The reference 3a speakers are very very special. MM DE Capo's especially. One you did not list is Vapor Sound..Breeze or Stiff Breeze. Ryan the owner has used those 2 speakers as his intro into his speakers..he breaks even with all the money he puts into the speakers.
I have the De Capos but i use them with tubes. Right now using them with a 4 watt Decware SEP int amp. They sound great on a number of amps but I have only tired them with tubes.
One of my music loving buddies has paired the Totem Model One's with Naim electronics for many years, and the sound of music has always been wonderful ! And I just heard the KEF LS 50's at the NY Audio Show, and they sounded mighty fine ! Good Luck with your such and enjoy the music !
I have an old exposure amp which I love. I have heard many people say naim and exposure have similar apporachs to music.

Being that our amps having similar sounds and the type of music you listen to I highly suggest System Audio.

I have had their entry line (SA 505) and have now moved up to there lager bookself the Mantra 10s. These speakers pair well because they are very smooth but fast (small drivers). The PRAT really comes through. In addition the smoothness is great for your music choices and kinda tames a amp that can be a little harsh with the wrong speakers. In additon Naim and exposure have the bass control that really bring alive a very tight and controled bass the system audio's can provide with the right amp.

Other up sides for the Mantra 10 is that they sound amazing at lower levels (including sound stage), sound great off axis and image and sound stage is great. Very balanced speakers so you really get a nice balance.

I am sure KEF 50s are awesome too people have also been saying really good things on here about proAR Tabblettes Anv. edditon.

Alot of these speakers are great its alot about what you can buy local as its not a great idea imo to get somthing you have never heard.

What is you budget? That will help people make suggestions
Seriously folks, you owe it to yourself to get your ears up to a pair of KEF LS50, simply exceptional. It's hard to believe the sound comes from such minimal enclosures. I can't wait to listen to my VPI Traveler passing to these lovelies. I have the laser quick Sunfire True sub to keep time in the nether regions. I haven't decide on the power for the KEF and will probably start with an Emotive.
These just won the Stereomojo maximum mojo award. I've owned the Nano monitors for almost two years and can't say enough good things about them.
Thanks all. I did try them all. I decided to go for the LS50 within my budget. Ref3A is awesome, it gives me the option to pair with tube amp in the future too, but hell no,,,Its over my budget for the little speaker.
I'm swimming with speakers already but have been eyeballing the KEF ls50s nonetheless. Lots of design and technical innovation in a small, unique, affordable package. Nice!
CONGRATS Leinikca. Enjoy!
Leinikca ..... Great choice. Happy Listening.