Good bookshelf size speakers for TAD-60?

Anyone know of any $1K/pair smallish to medium size stand-mount speakers that match up particularly well with a TAD-60? (Or, for that matter, are a bad match?) Black cabinets are unfortunately out due to WAF.

I'm considering the following, but have no idea how they'll match up with the amp.

Dynaudio Audience 52
Dynaudio Focus 110 or 140 (both probably too pricey new)
Von Schweikert VR-1
LSA1 Monitor (standard edition)
Quad 12L2 (Not particularly fond of the high-gloss lacquered finish)

Listen mainly to blues, bluegrass, jazz, some rock. System will also be used for Home Theater.


Look at the Triangle Comete used around $500, they sound great with my Primaluna PL2.
You might look at the Reference 3As.Price fluctuates.