Good, better, best. VPI Classic 1 accessories and upgrades.

The time has come! Here and now. The venerable Thorens VN-150 (Vinyl nirvana gussied up) Is going to be replaced with a VPI classic 1. Vinyl Nirvana, I like that…
The available accessories and upgrades are being bandied about and I'm interested in which ones you more experienced VPI owners would recommend. The HRX center weight and dustcover are on my must-have list with these others as maybes:
HRX ring peripheral weight
HRX feet
3D tonearm

Look forward to your input and Enjoy the tunes!
You already have an excellent turntable. Why the change?
Ready for a change, that's about it. Maybe you'd be interested in my current table?
Full disclosure: my 125-year-old house bounces a bit and I am ready to move on from suspended tables
I find the SDS to be an essential upgrade. The improved speed stability is obvious to my ears.
Of your list, get the SDS. Live with it for a while. Then get the periphery ring.

Rather than VPI feet, some people report very good results with StillPoints, 3 of them, under the table rather than anything else. Bearclaws also seem to produce very good results.