Good beginner tube amp suggestions

currently i have a music hall 2.1 with grado gold cartridge run through a bellari vp129 through an nakamichi amp. i am using old paradigm mini monitors. i'd liek to upgrade, but i am a student with a limited income. i know there is something out there i can at least shoot for. suggestions much appreciated!
i listen to a lot of classic rock and roll, 50s-60s jazz, and r+b. this system is in my finished basement with low ceilings. i also try not to listen to loud, but sometimes you just have to!

I would look at that dynaco st70 rebuilt by Ray Vincent price looks good and the work performed looks quite nice as well.
Right on joe_in_seatle, the baby was my first tube amp.
also check out Mingda M7R or something like that
it cost around $700 .Nice piece for the money.
Ohh ya ,it is an integrated amp. It could work for you.
I 2nd or 3th Prima Luna , Rogue and Jolida as a good beginer's choice.
anything from Cayin, new or used. Great sound, value and resale value.