Good beginner tube amp suggestions

currently i have a music hall 2.1 with grado gold cartridge run through a bellari vp129 through an nakamichi amp. i am using old paradigm mini monitors. i'd liek to upgrade, but i am a student with a limited income. i know there is something out there i can at least shoot for. suggestions much appreciated!
My suggestion would be the Conrad Johnson MV-55.It runs about $950-1100 depending on condition.It is an awesome amp,sweet on vocals.I would advice you to stay away from cheap Chinese offerings,they will disapoint you with thin sound.
Not been a Jolida fan for years until recently, the 1301 for $350 retail is very decent and with upgrade tubes even better.
I second the cj. I had a cj premier 11a (70wpc) also a possibility. I loved that amp and still miss it today. Only sold it because it didn't have enough power to drive my thiel 3.6's. No matter what you choose I would stick with a reputable manufacturer. Good Luck

Assuming you're looking for an integrated, I'd second Celtic66's Jolida rec for either the 1301 or 1501. They're both hybrids, but as such are a great and affordable way to get into tubes. I owned a 1501, loved the sound and would have kept it if I'd bought the remote version and if it had a headphone jack. It responds well to tube rolling, and since it uses only two 12ax7s you can tune the sound to your liking rather inexpensively. If you want a full tube amp, a Cayin A50-T is at the top of my own list right now: incredible transparency, dynamics, bass, air--and for a great price at $1300 new/$900 used. For the money, though, the Jolidas are tremendous bargains and frequently show up here used.
I'd go with a Rogue tube amp, they average 650 to 750. Very robust, lots of power and can handle a wide range of speaker types so you can try other speakers in the future if you want.
Don't forget Primaluna, whether integrated, stereo
or monoblocs, they're excellent. I've got the 6s
if you'd like to discuss.
If your system will work Ok with 20WPC, the Antique Sound Labs Wave AV-25 DT (or the older AV-20) is a nice choice. They cost $700 for the pair (monoblocs) new, but could be had for much less used. I've used the AV-20's in an office system for a few years, and they have been perfectly reliable and very nice sounding.
Sophia baby electric was what I tried first - $350 used, but it provided a LOT of what I get through a much more expensive amp now.
thanks folks. i'll get to researching these suggestions today!

fun stuff!
what kind of music do you like,how big is the listening room and at what levels do you listen at?
I recently bought my first tube gear in a very long time, an AES AE-25 Supramp and AE-3 DJH preamp, and have been extremely happy with them. They're built by Cary in North Carolina.

The amp will work with many different output tube types and is auto-biasing, which is both a great convenience and makes it very easy to swap tubes and learn what the different kinds sound like. The wiring is all point-to-point and the build quality and parts are exceptional.

The amp is 15 watts in the triode configuration but easily powers my Devore 8's in an 11x17 room.
i listen to a lot of classic rock and roll, 50s-60s jazz, and r+b. this system is in my finished basement with low ceilings. i also try not to listen to loud, but sometimes you just have to!

I would look at that dynaco st70 rebuilt by Ray Vincent price looks good and the work performed looks quite nice as well.
Right on joe_in_seatle, the baby was my first tube amp.
also check out Mingda M7R or something like that
it cost around $700 .Nice piece for the money.
Ohh ya ,it is an integrated amp. It could work for you.
I 2nd or 3th Prima Luna , Rogue and Jolida as a good beginer's choice.
anything from Cayin, new or used. Great sound, value and resale value.
i just want to say thanks for all the recommendations folks! its been very helpful. perhaps it would be even more helpful if i say that i like warm and lush. are these attributes that can be attributed to the amp?
If your tastes run to warm and lush: Tube whatever you get with NOS, British(ie: Mullard or Brimar) tubes. The PrimaLuna pieces are nice, easy to use(self-biasing), and Kevin(Upscale Audio) can tube them to fill your desires .
so i am overwhelmed with the response this thread has gotten. this is a very helpful dialog. i think my jolida source fell through and it was totally in my price range. basically i would rather spend less than 1000 and 500 would be great. i'm thinking used is the way to go as long as i do my homework on the seller. i like the idea of getting the tubes to give the lush sound. if i get an integrated am i spending more? would i need one even though i have the Bellari? should i keep the Bellari no matter what? i've noticed most amps do not have headphone jacks. am i even close to learning anything?

thanks folks!
Your going to need the Bellari as the phono stage. Most anything does not come with one. I really like my Primaluna PL2. I believe there are a couple on the site for sale. I got mine from an agoner. In fact, I've put together my whole system from here. I believe if you're looking used, this is the place to look. Everyone seems very knowledgable and keeps their equipment in great shape. I'd be leary about buying hi-fi from ebay....