Good Bass Sax recordings

Looking for reccomendations. Already stocked up on James Carter. Thanks!
Hamiet Bluiett's, Libation For the Baritone Saxophone Nation is a good one.

Kurt McGettrick (ex Zappa) delivers some high quality seismic wobble on Bruce Fowler's Entropy disc.

Vinnie Golia Quintet-Razor

Christer Bothen-Spirit of Milvus Milvus, (this one is mostly bass and contrabass clarinet but still a huge cavernous grunter).

The Nuclear Whales discs can seem pretty corny and predictable, but are good recordings and should give your system a chance to make some long waves and big puffies.
I don't know the bass sax repitoire but do know it is rare. Let me says something about baritone sax recordings.

Gerry Mulligan was an excellent bari player and most of his recordings were from the age of vinyl.

The traditional "swing" reed section was two alto saxes,two tenor saxes,and one baritone sax. You can't go wrong with reed ensemble work with any of the Ellington, Basie,or Thad Jones-Mel Lewis recordings.