Good Bass Floorstander under 1K

I'm looking for recommendations for floorstanders with good bass.

I've considered,Onix Rocket 550-ugly colors, Meadowlark E Series-never heard anything about them,company defunct,Bohlender Z7-don't think they'd have enough bass, Tyler F3-front port not covered.

Any other too look at?
I have a non-audiophile friend that just bought some Infinity Primus 360's. And they are very impressive for the money he spent. I recommended them after reading a review in stereophile a few months ago. They have nice bass, and sound very good all around.
There's a couple opf pairs of PSB Stratus Gold i's available now for $900 - great bass, great speaker.
Soliloquy 5.3's do bass very well indeed. Easy to drive at 90db efficiency. Wonderful sounding and easy to mate with tubes or SS in my experience. Relatively inexpensive for what you are getting. Solid, beautiful construction to boot, and 80 lbs per speaker. There are a few reviews online with Sterophile and Audiophilia. Should be able to find a used pair for $800-1000 depending on condition, BUT, beware: Shipping of these will be expensive. The factory packing is not adequate IMO for ground shippers unless double boxed with additional padding. They are originally shipped by truck shrink-wrapped to a pallet. Bottom line, find a local pair, or make sure they are adequately boxed. Their other speakers are also quite good, but more expensive as far as the floorstanders go. They are an outright bargain at the used prices. Some dealers seem to have remainders and closeouts as well what's left of the new ones.

Gold i is a great rec. You may also be able to pickup Paradigm Studio 100v2's at about 1K - those should fit the bill.
Totem Arro cost a little more at msrp but the quality of the bass is superior, and the overall sound quality is phenomenal. Give them some serious consideration.

There are also a lot of smaller speakers that can put out a surprising amount of bass, and in your price range you'd get a LOT more sound quality because more money can be put into the drivers and crossovers instead of cutting corners there to pay for the extra woodwork. Spendor S3/5, Totem Rainmaker, Epos M12.2 are all great speakers that will change your opinion of what a small speaker can do...
If full bass is really important, I support the PSB Gold recommendations... their bass was realy impressive when I auditioned them-although I chose different speakers in the end.
NHT is affordable, especially used, and known for having an extended low-end. I owned the 2.9's for a while and can attest to the reputation. Some models have styling that is not for everybody. In any case, the VT-2's are an older speaker, often available for below $1K used, and fit the bill. The 2.4's may or may not come in below a grand, but would fit the bill as well.

The PSB Gold i at $900 seems like a no-brainer too.
find a pair of castles.
Second Ghunter & Kthomas. Large bookshelf speakers in your price range will give you better sound quality. NHT SB3 responds to 39Hz and placed properly will convince you of it.

Old NHT 2.5i's are in your price range and will give you lottsa-bass. Also Kef has the Q5 that technically doesn't respond all that low but is ported. It is a good reasonably priced speaker if you want some bass + a sexy cabinet.

Good luck!
used vandersteen 2ce's....
Well a used pair of SOliloquy 5.3is is a great suggestion. But good luck on finding a decent used pair. The wanteds listing on these gets longer as the supply of used gets shorter. Totem Rainmakers are good. I actually have a pair of PSB alphas that have suprisingly good bass extension, so perhaps that line is worth a looksee aswell. Ascend CBM 340s arent bad but I wouldnt quite call them floorstanders although they are much taller than your usual bookshelf. I cannot recommend the Rocket 550s to you. How bout the Energy Veritas Line used or perhaps Quad 12Ls? These last two I HAVE NOT listened to but have read about in detail and might be worht your time to audition. These are audtion recommendations, not buy recommendations. Also, I think a used pair of USher 6311s might be worth your time if you can find them at your price point used.
Hey. There is a pair of Usher CP-730s demo pair for 850 in the listings. I heard all the Usher stuff at CES but I dont recall this model specifically. It does list extension to 34 HZ. Maybe that would be a decent consideration.
Thanks for the responses. I've considered the Golds. I have Image 4T's in a home theatre and love'em for the price. The 2 pair available are for pick up and even though I'm in an adjacent state are still quite far away.They would be hard to sell since the original boxes are not available.

The Sols are interesting. I've long appreciated their reputation for being an all around performer. My speaker would have to be maybe only 2 feet from the back wall so I'm concerned about rear ports or passive radiators in the case of the Vandies. But my loft style house with 24 foot ceilings may be able to absorb the extra bass though.

Are the Usher's rear ported?

Rysa4, I'm reconsidering the Rockets. The rosewood is not to bad. Do you recommend them?
The Sols are interesting. I've long appreciated their reputation for being an all around performer. My speaker would have to be maybe only 2 feet from the back wall so I'm concerned about rear ports or passive radiators in the case of the Vandies. But my loft style house with 24 foot ceilings may be able to absorb the extra bass though

The Sols are rear ported as well, but 2 feet is just fine in my experince. Man, I wish I had 24 foot ceilings.


I'm going with Tyler custom F2 floorstanders that came available tonight on Audiogon. They have a few things I really like.
Natural Cherry will match house interior.
Front port is covered by the grill.
Not too big.
Great company with great rep.Have wanted to own a Tyler.
Better bass than my previous monitor.
Priced very well.

Thanks for all the great advice guys!
Very nice looking and definitely a great reputation. But I thought you were after great bass performance...I guess I read that as going down real low and holding it together. The F2's are only rated down to the floorstanding enclosures improve on that that much?
The 44hz rating is on the monitors. The Linwoods with the same cabinet go down to 40hz.

There were a bunch of factors to consider. The port on the F2 is covered therefore discouraging the 2 and 5 year old from storing toys there. The Sols port is open on the rear. I may want to put the speakers right up aginst the wall to maximze floor space at times.

I'd have to drive 2 hours to pick up the 5.3i's on the 'gon and they did not have boxes making it hard for me to sell them in the future. Ditto for the 2 pair of Goldi's available.

I'm resolving myself to the reality that I'll probably need a sub to get the bass I need in this large room. Or go with a quite large floorstander. I just do not want a behemoth size loudspeaker taking up that much space. They are also difficult to sell and ship.

The F2's I'm hoping will give me more bass than my monitor ,in the interim, until I can afford a sub. If I don't like the F2 they are gorgeous and from a great company and be very easy to sell.

Thanks for the input Jax
Get the PSB GOLD I's!!!
PSB's and Sol's are rated down to the low 30's I believe. My experience with the Sol's in smaller spaces would confirm that claim. Regardless, good reasons all Gooddomino!! Man, your kid's got a great idea. I'm gonna have to try storing my toys in my rear ports ;-) Let us know how the Tylers work for you in your system. That was a neat opportunity you found to get a custom pair like that, and you can't beat the price for such a nicely built speaker. Congrats.