Good Bach Piano Concerto in Dminor recording

I have this recording played by Glen Gould and his performance is incredible. I doubt anyone can play this piece the way he does. The only problem is that the recording is pretty bad and probably in mono. For the most part, the piano sounds muddy and lack dynamic. It sounds fine in a car stereo but a bit odd with a good two channel setup.

Anyone knows if there is a better recording for this piece?
Gould was an amazing pianist best bet would be to try for a better copy and or get a mono switch . No one I know of can play anywhere near that quick. There is a CD of him playing some Haydn piano sonatas that are worthwhile.
I assume it's BWV 1052 you're looking for, in which case you might try another very talented Canadian pianist, Angela Hewitt (and the Australian Chamber Orchestra), on Hyperion [CDA67307].

While it's pretty tough to compete head to head with Glenn, she acquits herself quite admirably--and the recording quality is very good too!

If you like this CD you might consider the second volume as well [CDA67308]. Great stuff!
I would second Rel's recomendation of Angela Hewitt's traversal of the Bach piano concerti. While Gould was a unique talent, I think that Hewitt has a very good feel for Bach, and if you have SACD playback capability, the Hyperion releases are on SACD and offer excellent sound.
There is a Naxos set of all the Bach Piano Concertos (2 separate CDs)

I have not heard them, but Naxos seems to always come up with very good recordings, expertly played, for a reasonable price. For the price you cannot go too far wrong.
Gould is the definite source in my book for Bach. Look no further, lest you be disappointed!
I don't know if Sviatoslav Richter or Benjamin Britten recorded the concerto you're after, but I like them playing Bach as much as I like Glenn Gould.
J. S. Bach wrote no piano concertos. In fact I don't think there was such a thing as a piano during his lifetime. A few of his sons may have written works for the piano however. I prefer my J. S. Bach on harpsichord which is the instrument he wrote for. IMO: The piano, especially the modern piano, forces a certain amount of romanticism that didn't exist basically until Haydns Sturm und Drang period.
A lot of people think Glen Gould is just a speed nut but I think he's more than that. I am not a professional musician but there is something about his playing that is satisfying both emotionally and intellectually.

He is the closest to Led Zeppelin rocking out loud.
For excellent recordings of Bach's keyboard concertos, you might try Richard Egarr with the Academy of Ancient Music for a harpsichord version, and (not to be missed) Murray Perahia conducting the Academy of St. Martins-in-the-Field from the piano for a piano version. Periaha's won me over to believing these concertos can sound wonderful on a piano -- in the right hands, of course, and his hands are amazing.