Good audio shops Stuttgart, Germany

Exhaustive Internet search garnered zero results for upscale audio shops in Stuttgart, Germany.  A little help here please.  Vielen dank



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A Tommy living in Stuttgart? Love the place.I lived there for a couple months. I really love Tübingen. I was thinking how much I would like to grab a few philosophy books and spend a couple weeks there reading, drinking coffee… and enjoying the history.

willgolf    Thought that's where I was at.  Best of

ghdprentic   Had apartment for a month Ludwigsberg only for travel purposes spoke-wheeling around Germany with no itinerary.  Yes, Tuebingen is great.

yes, studio 26 in Stuttgart; (Stuttgart); SG Akustik in Karlsruhe -; you also Hirsch & Ille in Mannheim and Audio Box in Achern, which is near Baden Baden. Euronics Elsässer in Sindelfingen or Keller Gruppe in Stein-Höpfigheim.

Sie haben dass Super gemacht!  Vielen dank für das Information.

You guys really came through.  My friend and I may scout a stereo Anlage for his son who starts working north of Stuttgart this month.  We visit soon.  Again, great information.


langla4    Must plead ignorance and state that Google maps failed.

Bietigheim-Bissigen, Germany is exactly where he will reside.

I think the center of the German audio Universe is in Munich. I went to several great shops there in May. 2-3 hours from you...

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