Good amps for Thiel CS 3.7 speakers?

Today, I ordered a pair of Thiel CS 3.7 speakers. I auditioned a few speakers in this price range. IMO, 3.7 are the best among them. The dealer used Bryston set up to drive them: BCD-1 CD player, BP 26 preamp, 4B SST2 power amp. I think Bryston drives these speakers extremely well. However, the sound is too analytical for my taste. I prefer a little bit warmer and more musical sound. Due to my limited budget, I won't consider luxurious pre/power amps. Right now, I am considering Accuphase E-450, which carrys a good reputation, and considered quite musical. Its output is 260W×2(4Ω)、180W×2(8Ω). I think it should be able to drive 3.7 well. In addition, I would use Ayre C-7xe as CD player. Can you please comment on the my proposed amp and CD player? or can you give me some advice about amp, CD player, and cable in similar price range? Thank you in advance!
Congrats on your purchase!! I like Thiels a lot, and although I have not heard the 3.7, they must be awesome.

I came close to buying CS2.4 and was digging for info on amps too. Bryston is generally liked with Thiels. I demoed the 2.4 with an Ayre amp (can't remember the model) and liked the sound a lot. If Bryston is too analytical, maybe McIntosh might suit you. I think 260W might not be enough for those speakers.

Congrats again!
I am happy with my McIntosh MC206 and Thiels. Thiels like 200+ watts
Thanks for your response. I am considering to use Bryston BP 26+14 BSST2 to drive them. This amp has 800w output at 4 ohm. I think it should be able to feed them well. I would use Ayre CX-7eMP as CD player. Are they good match for 3.7?
BTW, I will use Cardas cables, to make the system a little bit warmer. Can you give me 2 cents? Thanks.
Can you find out what amps Theil has used at audio shows? That is usually a good start. An SS amp you might want to investigate for giving alot of high quality watts at a good price is the Odyssey amps, they have been well reviewed and are based on the German Symphonic Line amps which are world class. Not saying Bryston is not the answerm but you have some choices out there.
You shouldn't use cables as tone controls. If you want warmer, get different gear, not different cables.
All cables are tone controls, for good or bad - but that is another subject....
You can't beat an Ayre amp and preamp run balanced with your CX7. Ayre straddles the best parts of tube and solid state sound....very musical. I recommend the V1xe. Don't use Cardas with Ayre.
AT most of the shows I've attended Thiels were used alot with Classe Amps and MIT speaker cables. Thats what I use and am very happy with the combo!
I agree an all Ayre system would be hard to beat and the V1 certainly is able to deliver alot of current which it seems the 3.7 absolutely needs given it low impedance swings in the bass region.
Thiel CS 3.7 speakers are very power hungry speakers. If you don;t like Bryston somewhat clinical presentation I would suggest you to investigate Spectrom Musician III amp. Not only very powerful but very musical as well and many, me including, compares it with good tube amplifiers.
Test it in your system - they provide home trials, so nothing to loose.
Thiel has used many different amps at shows.
I have heard (and owned 7.2s) several Thiels including the 3.7s with all Ayre systems and thought they were nice. But if I was looking to warm them up I would move to BAT, both preamp(tube) and amp (SS) with them.
I'm running the 3.7 with the Ayre V1x and love love the combo. The result is so much relaxed and composed when you have a good current driving the Thiels.
Thanks everyone! Due to my budget, I have orderded Bryston BCD-1+BP26+7B SST2, and Cardas Neutral Reference cables from audiogon to drive 3.7. Thiel use very similar combo(they used 28B SST, rather than 7B SST, and different cables) while presenting 3.7 on 2007 CES. I believe this should be a reasonable combo. I can't wait to hear my system singing.
IMO, Cardas Neutrals are amoung the weakest in their lineup , should be used on real long runs only.What made you buy them??Cross would have been a much better choice,but then again I dont care for Bryston at all and Theil is so so.To each his own
Nice compliment there Toetapfactor. I will make sure to consult you on my next

Actuary you will have a very nice system. Enjoy the hell out of it. The 3.7's are very nice speakers and so are the newer Bryston amps.
Great system, congrats and enjoy!
I compared Neutral Reference and Golden Reference at dealer. But I prefer Neutral Reference as my dealer.
Thanks everyone!
Actuary, you will love the system. Thiel 3.7 is amazing.. Just make sure to give them some time to break in. I have the golden cross and nirvana cables going through and I am sure your neutral ref. will give similar warmth to Thiel. Play with the setup and enjoy.
Thank you Pkoh70!
Just a comment in these days of mammoth speakers the CS3.7 is nice in that it does not over power a room but looks nice and sounds damn good. Thiels like power
Try the bel canto monoblocks with the Thiels. I heard these a few times & it sounds lovely.
The Bel cantos are quite smooth in their presentation.
I have heard thiels. They drove me out of the room. T
"I have heard thiels. They drove me out of the room. T "

Garbage in - Garbage out (just amplified).
Try to run this speakers with right amplification and then come back !
Try to run this speakers with right amplification and then come back ! (Dob)

I own the CS 2.4 and I drive them with two Parasound Halo JC1's and Dob is right .. listen the Thiels with the right amp and you 'll understand why they could be a very good speaker.
I like Cardas Golden Reference (speaker cables) in my setup but I had good result even with the Analysis Plus Big Silver Ovals.
Thiels like amperes and cables that can carry lotsa them.

My cent!
BAT VK-600 sounds like what your seeking. I use it with the cs2.4 model and its magical.